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Sunil Gavaskar Thinks RCB Should Go For Runs Because They’re Good at Batting

Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB)

The Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) is not doing well and stands at eighth place with only two points from four matches. Gavaskar believes that RCB’s strength lies in their batting. So, Gavaskar thinks Royal Challengers Bengaluru should choose to chase targets when they win the toss in IPL and should try to chase targets whenever possible. He said this during a cricket talk show called Midwicket Stories, alongside Geoffrey Boycott and Simon Doull.

RCB are facing challenges in their Indian Premier League (IPL) campaign once again. RCB’s struggles have been notable in their bowling department, and in batting, only Virat Kohli has been consistently scoring runs for the team. They lack a frontline spinner, and leader Mohammed Siraj has appeared out of form. 

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are currently positioned at the bottom of the IPL points table. Out of the four matches they’ve played, they’ve only managed to win one. Despite having a strong batting lineup, they have struggled when it comes to defending scores. This has resulted in losses in matches where they have bowled first. As a result, their performance in the tournament has been disappointing so far. 

Gavaskar pointed out that RCB’s bowling unit is not performing well, especially when defending totals. So, he suggests that chasing targets might give them a better chance of winning matches. RCB has managed to win one match and lose another while chasing targets in previous matches.

In general, Gavaskar talked about how T20 cricket has made the game more entertaining. He mentioned that nowadays, players don’t leave many balls and try various shots like switch-hits and reverse scoops, which were not common in the past. He also noted that the traditional concept of preserving the shine of the ball is not followed much anymore.

As the discussion progressed, the topic turned towards the future of Test cricket. Sunil Gavaskar shared his optimistic outlook, firmly believing that Test cricket would remain relevant and cherished in the years to come. He stressed the enduring significance and timeless charm of the format,  that it would maintain its prominent position in the world of cricket. Gavaskar’s perspective underscored the resilience of Test cricket, emphasizing its enduring appeal and ongoing importance to the sport.


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