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Review For Bet 365 Cricket

Find out why Indian bettors enjoy Bet 365 Cricket! Learn about its features, sign up, and bet confidently on cricket matches.

Indian bettors love Bet 365 Cricket because of its many features and easy-to-use interface. One popular feature is Live Streaming. It lets users watch matches live, making the betting experience more exciting.

The app offers competitive odds, ensuring that users get the best possible returns on their bets. Bet Builder is another beloved feature, enabling users to customize their bets to suit their strategies. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and mobile app allow users to explore the platform fast, whether on desktop or mobile devices. Indian users particularly appreciate the app’s Wide Range of Markets, covering various cricket tournaments and matches worldwide.

For those looking for an online betting ID, it’s a convenient choice to choose Bet 365 Cricket. Another highlight is the In-Play Betting feature. It lets users place bets during live matches, making betting more dynamic and fun.

Bet 365 Cricket’s new features, reliability, and wide market coverage make it a top choice for Indian cricket bettors. With great customer support and safe payment options, Bet 365 is a favorite among Indian users.

Features Of Bet 365 Cricket Live

Cricket fans love Bet 365 Cricket for its seamless betting experience and numerous features that make betting fun and easy.

📊 In-Play Betting

Bet on live matches with dynamic odds, adding excitement as the game progresses in real-time.

💰 Cash Out Option

Secure profits or minimize losses by cashing out your bet before the match concludes.

🔄 Auto Cash Out

Set predefined rules to automatically cash out your bet at your preferred value instantly.

🏅 Promotions and Bonuses

Enjoy regular promotions and bonuses, significantly boosting your betting potential.

🌐 Multi-View

Watch multiple live matches like indian premiere league simultaneously on one screen for a life-time experience.

🔔 Bet Notifications

Receive instant notifications on your bets and live match updates directly to your device.

📱 Virtual Sports

Bet on virtual cricket games with realistic simulations and continuous action for constant excitement.

📈 Betting Tips and Insights

Access expert betting tips and detailed insights to make well-informed and strategic betting decisions.

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Ratings Of Key Factors

  • Live Streaming 5.0 / 5.0
  • Mobile Suitable 5.0 / 5.0
  • In-Depth Analytics and Insights 5.0 / 5.0
  • Extensive Betting Markets 4.0 / 5.0
  • Generous Promotions and Bonuses 5.0 / 5.0

Advantages and Minor Drawbacks


  • Fast Loading Times
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Secure Transactions
  • Real Time Odd Updates
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Adjustable Alerts


  • Limited Casino Games
  • Occasional App Updates

Community Rating: 4.5 / 5

  • 5 stars4 Votes
  • 4 stars1 Votes
  • 3 stars0 Votes
  • 2 stars0 Votes
  • 1 stars0 Votes
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Compare Bet 365 Cricket App With Other Indian Bookmakers

  • Features
  • Live Streaming
  • User Interface
  • Cash-Out Option
  • Customer Support
  • Live Betting and Streaming

Bonuses And Offers Provided By Bet 365 Cricket Live Streaming

BonusesAmount Deposits/OddsWagering Bonus code Links
Open Account Offer15% Bonus up to 9000 INR900₹ /1.505x GFD8TERead more
Bet Boost150% UP TO ₹15,0001500 ₹ /1.6510xHSC7RTRead more
Multi-Sport Acca Boost 20% Bonus up to 15000 INR2000₹ /1.657xKHWS8RRead more
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Cricket Early Payout Offer50% Bonus up to 90000 INR500₹ /1.655xCMG1WERead more
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Casino Games And Betting Options At Bet 365 Cricket Betting

Horse Racing

Horse racing is an exciting sport where horses compete in speed races. You can place bets on which horse you think will win. It's thrilling to watch and bet on these powerful animals as they race towards the finish line.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is similar to horse racing but involves dogs. These swift greyhounds chase a mechanical lure around a track. You can bet on your favorite dog and enjoy the fast-paced action.

T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is a popular cricket tournament featuring the world's best teams. Matches are short and action-packed, lasting about three hours. You can bet on various aspects, like which team will win, top players, and more.

Gaelic Sports

Gaelic sports are traditional Irish games, including Gaelic football and hurling. These games are fast and physical, combining skills from soccer and rugby. Betting options are available for fans who enjoy these unique sports.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a high-speed sport played on an ice rink. Players skate and use sticks to hit a puck into the opponent's goal. You can bet on team wins, player performances, and other exciting aspects of the game.


Netball is a team sport similar to basketball but without dribbling. Players pass the ball to teammates to score by shooting it into a hoop. Betting on netball involves predicting the winning team and other game outcomes.


Speedway racing features motorcycles competing on an oval dirt track. These bikes have no brakes, making the races thrilling and unpredictable. You can bet on your favorite rider to win or place in the top spots.

Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is a winter sport where athletes ski down a ramp and leap into the air, aiming to land as far as possible. Bets can be placed on jump distances and winners, adding excitement to watching these daring jumps.


Lacrosse is a fast-paced team sport where players use sticks with nets to catch, carry, and pass a small rubber ball. The goal is to score by shooting the ball into the opponent's net. Betting on lacrosse involves predicting winners and key game moments.

Water Polo

Water polo is played in a pool, where two teams try to score goals by throwing a ball into the opponent's net. It's a physically demanding sport that combines swimming and ball-handling skills. Bets can be placed on match outcomes and player performances.

How To Create An Account On Bet 365 Cricket?

Creating an account for Bet365 Cricket Betting is quick and easy. It gives you access to a variety of betting options and exciting features. You can start by following these easy steps:

1. Visit the Bet 365 Cricket website: Access the official Bet 365 Cricket website through your web browser.

2. Click on “Join” or “Sign Up”: To start the registration process, find and click the “Join” or “Sign Up” button on the homepage.

3. Fill out the registration form: Enter your name, date of birth, address, email address, and phone number in the registration form.

4. Choose a username and password: Create a unique username and password for secure access to your account.

5. Enter bonus code (optional): Enter your bonus code in the designated field to claim any available bonuses or promotions.

6. Verify your account: Follow the instructions to verify your account. This could mean confirming your email or sending in more documents.

Score Big with Your Bet365 Cricket ID

Get in the game with your Bet365 Cricket ID. Access top-tier betting opportunities and elevate your cricket experience.

Discover Six Convenient Payment Options For Bet365 Cricket

Bet Cricket 365 makes it easy to pay quickly and safely. It uses the latest tech to make sure your payments are safe and fast.

With a focus on user convenience and Bet365 Cricket Live Streaming, let’s explore six top payment gateways. These trusted platforms let you make quick payments and get help when you need it. They also provide enhanced security measures, ensuring peace of mind for Indian users.

A popular digital wallet and UPI-based payment app, known for its user-friendly interface and quick transactions.

A trusted global payment platform, enabling secure transactions and easy international payments for users.

India's leading digital wallet, offering a range of services including bill payments, mobile recharges, and online transactions.

A widely-used digital payment app, providing fast and secure transactions through UPI integration.

UPI is changing how people in India make digital payments. It allows instant money transfers between bank accounts.

RuPay offers a reliable and secure payment solution designed for the Indian market. It ensures smooth and safe transactions.

How Bet365 Betting Works? (Odds and Lines Explained)

Bet365 is a popular website for betting on sports and other events. When you use this betting platform, you will see different numbers called “odds” and “lines.” Let’s explain what these mean in an easy way.

  • Odds

Odds tell you how much money you can win if you place a bet. For example, if the odds are 2.00, you can win $2 for every $1 you bet. If the odds are 3.00, you can win $3 for every $1 you bet. Higher odds mean you can win more money, but it also means it is less likely to happen.

  • Lines

Lines are numbers that make betting fair for both teams or players. For example, if one football team is much stronger, Bet365 might give the weaker team a “head start” of a few points. This is called a “point spread.”

If Team A is expected to win by 5 points, the line might be -5 for Team A and +5 for Team B. If you bet on Team A, they need to win by more than 5 points for you to win your bet. If you bet on Team B, they can lose by up to 4 points, and you still win your bet.

  • Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are simple. You just pick who you think will win. The odds will tell you how much you can win. For example, if the money line for a team is +200, a $10 bet will win you $20 if that team wins.

In short, odds and lines help make betting fair and fun. Knowing these basics will help you enjoy betting on Bet365 more. Always remember to bet for fun and responsibly!

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How To Bet On Bet 365 Cricket Betting?

You can easily place bets on Bet 365 by selecting your favorite cricket matches and events. First, log in to your betting account and go to the cricket section.

You’ll find a list of upcoming matches and available betting markets here. Select the match you’re interested in and choose the type of bet you want to place. Please enter the amount you wish to wager and confirm your bet to place it.

Bet 365 offers a wide range of betting options like highest opening partnership, match winner, top batsman, top bowler, number of runs, and more. Keep track of your bets and monitor match results through the Bet365 Cricket Results section.

Furthermore, you can improve your betting experience by accessing Bet365 Tips and keeping up with Bet365 Rules. Here is the simple process on how to bet on Bet 365 cricket: 

  • Log in to your Bet 365 account.
  • Navigate to the cricket section.;
  • Choose the match you want to bet on.
  • Select your desired bet type (e.g., match winner, top batsman).
  • Enter the amount you wish to wager.
  • Review your selections and confirm your bet.
  • Monitor match progress and results through Bet365 Cricket Results.
  • Keep yourself updated with Bet365 Cricket Tips to make informed betting decisions.
  • Familiarize yourself with Bet365 Cricket Rules to understand betting terms and conditions.
  • Enjoy the excitement of cricket betting on Bet 365. 
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Does Bet365 Cricket Follow the Rules?

Bet365 is a popular platform for placing bets on sports, including cricket. Many people wonder if Bet365 follows the rules when it comes to cricket betting. The answer is yes, Bet365 Cricket App follows strict rules to ensure fair and legal betting.

  • Licensing and Regulation- Bet365 operates under licenses from various gambling authorities. These licenses ensure that Bet365 follows strict guidelines for fair play, security, and responsible gambling. The platform is regulated by trusted authorities, making it a safe place to bet.

  • Fair Odds- Bet365 offers fair odds on cricket matches. The odds are set based on careful analysis and are designed to provide a fair chance for both the bettors and the house. This means you get a reasonable chance to win based on the real probabilities of the events.

  • Secure Transactions- When you place a bet or deposit money on Bet365, your transactions are secure. Bet365 uses advanced security measures to protect your personal and financial information. This ensures that your money and data are safe.

  • Responsible Gambling- Bet365 promotes responsible gambling. They provide tools and resources to help you gamble responsibly. You can set limits on how much you bet, take breaks from betting, or even exclude if you need to stop betting for a while. Bet365 also offers support for those who might have gambling problems.

  • Clear Rules and Terms- Bet365 has clear rules and terms for cricket betting. These rules are easy to find and understand. They explain how bets are placed, how odds are calculated, and how winnings are paid out. Knowing these rules helps you bet confidently and avoid misunderstandings.

Therefore, Bet365 follows strict rules to ensure fair, safe, and responsible cricket betting.

Does Bet365 Cricket Follow the Rules?
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Bet 365 Cricket Official Brand Partner

Bet 365 Cricket has become a well-known name in sports betting by teaming up with many sports teams and organizations. These partnerships include basketball, MLB, and esports, growing its worldwide reach and appealing to a wide range of sports fans. These strategic deals highlight Bet 365 Cricket’s commitment to providing top-tier sports entertainment and betting experiences. Here are some notable partnerships:

Cleveland Guardians

Bet 365 Cricket and the Cleveland Guardians are working together to introduce baseball to more fans. They want to share the thrill of both betting and baseball with a wider audience.

read more

Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies have teamed up with Bet 365 Cricket. Fans can now bet and enjoy an enhanced game-day experience.

read more

Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets and Bet 365 Cricket are teaming up to offer more ways to bet and fun promotions for basketball fans. They aim to make sports more thrilling and engaging for fans.

read more


UFC has teamed up with Bet 365 Cricket to introduce dynamic betting markets to mixed martial arts. This collaboration aims to offer fans a more immersive experience with exciting new betting options.

read more

San Antonio Spurs

Bet 365 Cricket has partnered with the San Antonio Spurs. They now offer exciting basketball betting options and special promotions to their dedicated fan base.

read more

Genius Sports

Genius Sports and Bet 365 Cricket are teaming up to improve sports data and analytics. This collaboration aims to give bettors a complete and well-informed betting experience.

read more

Bayes Esports

Bet 365 Cricket has partnered with Bayes Esports to expand into esports. Now, fans can bet on their favorite esports tournaments.

read more

Scout Gaming Group

Bet 365 Cricket has partnered with Scout Gaming Group. Together, they now offer a wide range of fantasy sports betting options, enriching their overall betting portfolio.

read more
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum deposit amount for Bet 365 Cricket?

The minimum deposit amount for Bet 365 Cricket varies depending on the payment method, but typically starts at ₹350.

Bet 365 Cricket does not charge fees for most withdrawal methods. However, some payment providers may have their own fees.

Yes, Bet 365 Cricket allows users to set deposit limits, loss limits, and betting limits to promote responsible gambling.

Bet 365 Cricket provides tutorials and guides on their website. These resources help new users learn how to use the platform and place bets effectively.

You can contact Bet 365 Cricket customer support via live chat, email, or phone. They offer help 24/7 for any questions or issues you might have.

Yes, Bet 365 Cricket has a loyalty program. Regular bettors can earn points and get rewards like free bets, bonuses, and exclusive offers.

Yes, Bet 365 Cricket offers several ways to pay for deposits and withdrawals, so users can pick the one that works best for them.

Bet 365 Cricket sometimes has promotions like Bet Insurance. Bet Insurance allows users to receive a refund of their money if they meet specific conditions. However, the availability of these promotions can vary depending on the user’s location.

Bet 365 Cricket offers live score updates and detailed commentary on each ball. Users can also bet on ongoing matches with updated odds available.

Yes, Bet 365 Cricket also lets you bet on many things beyond sports, like political elections and entertainment events. This gives users more choices when they bet.

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