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The Melbet Affiliate Program serves as a connection between website owners and betting platforms.

It’s a collaborative setup where website owners, through special links on their sites, redirect visitors to the betting platform.

If these visitors sign up and start betting, the website owner earns a commission. Essentially, it’s a way for websites to make money by directing people to the betting platform.

This program is a partnership where both sides benefit: the betting platform gains users, and the website owner earns through their referrals.


MelBet Offers Commission Rates From 25% Upto 40%

Melbet provides affiliates a variety of commission rates based on the amount of referrals they generate each month.

If you choose a revenue sharing model, this can range from 25% to 40% as per performance, but with a CPA arrangement (Cost per Acquisition), affiliates are paid a set amount per acquisition. All in accordance with the rules of the partners’ Melbet website.

Melbet Revenue Share Model (RevShare)

Most Melbet affiliates prefer the Revenue Share Model, which grants them approximately 25% of the revenue from players’ losses.

Good performance can increase this percentage to a maximum of 40%, offering lucrative rewards for effective referrals.

Melbet CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Deal

In this arrangement, affiliates agree upon a fixed rate paid by Melbet for each new referred sign-up.

To trigger payments, players must complete specific actions, such as depositing a minimum amount.

This structure ensures a guaranteed payment per acquisition based on agreed-upon terms.

Please note that the commission rates offered by Melbet affiliates may vary over time and are subject to change.

How To Become A Melbet Affiliate?

Becoming  a Melbet affiliate following the simple steps below:

1. Registration:

Sign up on the Melbet Affiliate Program site.

2. Account Review:

Moderators verify your details for accuracy.

3. Approval:

Once approved, access marketing tools and resources.

4. Start Promoting:

Use provided materials on various platforms.

5. Track Referrals:

Monitor the performance of your referrals.

6. Earn Commissions:

Get paid for referred players’ activities.

Registration Form

Facts About Melbet Affiliate Programs

In Melbet’s Affiliate Program, several facts are noteworthy:

1. Commission Rates and Models of Work:

Affiliates earn through Revenue Share (RevShare) or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). The RevShare typically offers 25%-40% of the betting company’s revenue generated by referred players, while CPA ensures a predetermined payment per player who meets a specified minimum deposit.

2. Benefits of Becoming a Melbet Affiliate:

Affiliates gain access to diverse marketing materials, professional marketing guidance, attractive commission rates, and consistent payouts.

3. Ease of Becoming an Affiliate:

The registration process is simple and quick, usually taking less than two minutes. Upon registration, the account undergoes review for approval.

4. Lifetime Earnings:

With RevShare, affiliates can continue earning as long as the players they’ve referred continue playing on Melbet, ensuring a consistent revenue stream.

5. Transparency and Honesty: Melbet

Emphasizes transparency and integrity in its Affiliate Program, offering various promotional materials for marketing strategies, including banners, texts, and articles.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Melbet Affiliate?

Here are the benefits of becoming a Melbet affiliate:

Access to Creative Marketing Materials and Tools: Affiliates gain access to a variety of marketing materials and tools, including banners, links, and promotional content, helping them in effective promotion.

Professional Marketing Advice: Affiliates receive guidance and support from professional marketers, assisting them in optimizing their promotional strategies.

Generous Commission Rates: Melbet offers competitive commission rates, such as revenue sharing and fixed payments per player acquisition, ensuring affiliates receive fair compensation for their efforts.

Regular Payments: Affiliates can count on receiving timely and consistent payments for the players they refer, ensuring a steady income stream from their marketing efforts.


How do I Join the Melbet Affiliates Program?

To join the Melbet Affiliates Program, you need to register on their website through a simple sign-up process. Once registered, your account details will be reviewed, and upon approval, you can access the program’s marketing tools.

Melbet Affiliates offers various commission structures, including Revenue Share (RevShare) models, where affiliates earn a percentage of the betting company’s revenue generated by referred players. Additionally, they may offer Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) plans with fixed payments for bringing in players who make specific deposits.

Melbet Affiliates provide marketing materials and guidelines to ensure affiliates’ promotions align with the company’s standards. While there might be certain restrictions, these are typically in place to maintain brand integrity.

Melbet Affiliates offer robust reporting and tracking tools, allowing affiliates to monitor the performance of their referrals. These tools provide insights into registrations, deposits, bets placed, and other essential metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

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