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Mayank Yadav’s Mom Credits His Fast Bowling Pace in IPL 2024 to Vegetarian Diet

Mayank Yadav's Mom Credits His Fast Bowling Pace in IPL 2024 to Vegetarian Diet

Mayank Yadav’s mother credits his fast bowling pace in IPL 2024 to his vegetarian diet. Mayank, playing for Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) in the ongoing T20 league, has been wowing fans with his bowling, consistently delivering balls over 150 km/h, which has greatly contributed to Lucknow’s success.

According to Mamta Yadav, Mayank’s mother, her son made the switch to a vegetarian diet a few years ago after previously consuming non-vegetarian food.

Mamta isn’t entirely sure why Mayank decided to go vegetarian, but she suggests two possible reasons: Mayank’s growing belief in Lord Krishna may have influenced his dietary choices, and he also felt that non-vegetarian food was no longer suitable for his body.

Mamta reveals that Mayank has been strictly following his vegetarian diet for the past two years, consuming simple vegetarian meals like dal, roti, rice, milk, and vegetables based on his diet chart.

Mayank himself explained that he felt non-vegetarian food wasn’t agreeing with his body and that his new dietary choices were beneficial for his performance on the field.

Expressing her optimism about Mayank’s future in cricket, Mamta believes her son has the potential to debut for the Indian cricket team. She points to Mayank’s impressive performances in the IPL as evidence of his skill and dedication to the sport.

Many former cricketers have also voiced their support for Mayank’s inclusion in the national squad, with some even suggesting he could represent India in the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024, set to begin in June.

As Mayank continues to shine on the cricketing stage, his journey from switching to a vegetarian diet to becoming a key player for Lucknow Super Giants serves as an inspiring tale of dedication and determination.

With the unwavering support of his family and the backing of cricketing experts, Mayank Yadav stands on the brink of achieving his dreams in the international cricketing arena. 

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